Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. What is Karmagawa?

    “Karma” is the result of a person's actions, or destiny, and good karma is achieved through positive thoughts/actions

    “Gawa” means “to do or make” in the Tagalog language of the Philippines

    So, KarmaGawa means to make your own destiny where the more you give to others the more you receive... everything is connected. Our charity community aims to inspire and encourage people to embrace education, push their limits/challenge themselves, live with purpose and give back to others for maximum positivity!

  • Q. What is Karmagawa's mission?

    KarmaGawa will use our products, social media and our website to spread the message of great charities and their causes all over the world and give them much needed exposure since most charities have very little content, marketing and exposure...They should be 100% focused on their cause and we help them with everything else.

  • Q. How does Karmagawa make money?

    We exist to donate to charities and give them exposure because life is not just about money; experiences and relationships are far more important so with our product, 100% of our charity merch profits are donated to charities we support and that's why our logo is an infinity sign because everything we do is interconnected with the communities we visit, causes we support and our trips and if we do it right everyone wins with greater donations, social media exposure and improved education. Together we are capable of changing the world when we all work together

  • Q. How is Karmagawa different from other charity brands?

    In case you had not noticed, it’s very “trendy” and “fashionable” to be a “feel good brand” these days and everyone claims part of their proceeds will go to charity…the problem being that the reality is they donate less than 5-10% of profits to charity so we aim to donate MUCH more as we’ve been donating millions of dollars to charity through The Timothy Sykes Foundation for several years, we only started Karmagawa recently to expand our charity community and allow many more people to be involved with actually giving back and making a difference in communities all over the world.

    For far too long, many individuals and brands have abused their small ties with charities, so much so that charity is actually looked down upon and questioned by many people and that should not be the case. We stand by our commitments and continue to donate millions of dollars to charity each year, and as we continue to grow grow we will donate even more over time…we have big plans to make the charity world mainstream. This is why we are transparent about every dollar we take in and every dollar we give to charity…stay tuned, we’re going to surprise everyone with our honesty and change the entire world along the way!